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Why you need Push Notifications for your Digital Channels

Posted by Elizabeth Randolph on Feb 27, 2019 2:00:00 PM

Push notifications allow you to deliver information to a computing device from an application server where the request for the transaction is initiated by the server rather than the explicit request from the client. This allows users to receive automated information from their smartphones rather than the owner of the app manually sending out notifications. Push notifications can be added to any device that has an application option, including Android, and iOS. They are added to an application through a set of development guidelines and standards, as well as its own Operating Push Notification Service (OPNS). The OPNS release information through text, images, badges and sounds.

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Having push notifications on your school’s app can save time and inform your school’s community in an effective way. Adding push notifications will also benefit your school in the following ways:


Cost: The cost for adding push notifications is negotiable due to the fact that mobile users without unlimited texting plans do not want to pay extra for message and data rates that come with sending incoming texts. With push notifications, there is no extra charge for people who already have your app downloaded from their smartphone.

User Control: By requesting your app’s users to opt-in or opt-out of push notifications gives them a sense of control, as they can choose if they would like to participate in the function. Push notifications also gives users control on when and how they receive the notifications. One way to further increase user control would be to give users an option to select the time they would like to receive alerts from you.

Risk Reduction: Because your community isn’t obligated to receive push notifications from you, you receive less risk from adding them on to your mobile app. By having an opt-in/opt-out option for your school, you reduce the risk of harassing users. This helps to avoid any possible litigation that could take place from users who feel as if they’re being solicited.

Engagement: By having instant communication with your school’s community, you are increasing direct traffic to your mobile app. You are also improving your retention rates. This is because users are more inclined to keep an app that is functional and alerts them in an effective way.

Adding push notifications to your app is both a simple and powerful way to notify your school of any changes or alerts that may come your way. SchoolPointe understands the importance of push notifications, which is why we’ve developed a tool allows you to have multiple closing alerts sent directly to your school. SendIt by SchoolPointe lets you give your community have up-to-date information with just one-click. SendIt will be available to all customers on April 1. Customers who sign up today will receive free usage until June 30.

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