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Posted by Cher Scholl on Oct 25, 2019 4:32:16 PM

Before spending thousands of dollars on something new, the next BIG thing is already at your fingertips with SchoolPointe! Book some time with Our Team for any of these CMS features you already have available to you and included in your cost! We also have additional products that can save you money including Online Forms, Facility Management System, Branded App, and Mass Notification System!



Over 2,500 Schools in 40 States with a 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating and Have Been Exclusive to K-12 since 2002! 


Where It’s App!

Before spending thousands of dollars on something new, the next BIG thing is already at your fingertips with SchoolPointe!

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Book some time with Our Team for any of these features you already have available to you and included in your cost!

    • Live Feed - Push short stories and messages to the Live Feed section and social media (Facebook & Twitter)
    • e-Communication - Create and send Newsletters via email and text communications
    • Blogs - Blogging capabilities for your staff throughout your website & teacher pages
    • Online surveys - Create password protected and public online surveys
    • Manage Page Re-Directs - Setup emergency crisis pages, moments of silence, or anything else to redirect website visitors to.
    • Friendly URL’s & Meta Tags - for SEO
    • Google Analytics - Track your website page views
    • Video - Post and stream video anywhere on your website even your header gallery
    • SSL Certificate - You get a secure domain included with us
    • Google Drive Integration - Now select files straight from your Google Drive into the editor
    • Calendar Integrations - We integrate with any 3rd party calendar with an i-cal feed
    • LDAP/Active Directory Integration - Make a change in LDAP/Active Directory and it updates your staff info in your CMS
    • ADA Compliance Tools - Plugins for your website for anyone with disabilities to easily navigate, built in scanners, hard stops, automatic fixes, ADA reporting, and the ability to scan content for errors before publishing

Looking for even more features?

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SchoolPointe’s Branded Mobile App

Get a short demo and price quote with our sales team by emailing Today!

Lower in cost than our competitors, because every product at SchoolPointe is built in house. Our developers are on with us full time working closely with our customers, keeping up with the technology trends and building features that you need!

  • No Dual Entry - Each item updated on your website automatically updates on your app
  • Content Pages - Create static pages exclusive to your app users only
  • Send Push Notifications - To all of your app users as often as you need (no limits)
  • Live Feed - All of your social media in one place on your app
  • Links - To any page you need outside of your website including payment software for lunch balances, school fees, etc.


SchoolPointe’s Sendit vs Other Mass Notification Systems

Get your demo and pricing for Sendit by emailing Today!

Lower in cost than our competitors and with our product being built in house, you get to talk with the same support members you are already familiar with at SchoolPointe. And we love hearing from you always!

  • Organize contacts into dynamic or static lists
  • Use the product for school marketing, short story posts, event announcements and school closings and delays
  • Send to Social Media Feeds (Facebook & Twitter), Text, Voice Calls, Emails, Mobile App Push Notification, Website Pop Up
  • Record your voice for more personalized messages and future date messages to be sent
  • Integration with your SIS
  • No limits to how often you use it
  • Record your messages through your phone or desktop
  • Input a reply email address and/or phone number on messages and voice calls for recipients to reach back out to


SchoolPointe Also Offers an Online Forms and Facility Management Solution! 


You Can Even Re-Design Your Website Whenever You Want At A Discounted Rate! And We Take Care Of All Your Content Migration!

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