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Posted by Cher Scholl on Oct 25, 2019 4:32:16 PM

Before spending thousands of dollars on something new, the next BIG thing is already at your fingertips with SchoolPointe! Book some time with Our Team for any of these CMS features you already have available to you and included in your cost! We also have additional products that can save you money including Online Forms, Facility Management System, Branded App, and Mass Notification System!


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About SchoolPointe

Since 2002, SchoolPointe has been providing world class technology solutions to the PK-12 industry. With headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, SchoolPointe possesses an extensive clientele and partners with school districts across the United States. In line with its corporate mission of “Empowering Through Innovation”, SchoolPointe is committed to developing cost effective solutions on the cutting edge of technology that schools require to keep up with their growing technology needs. SchoolPointe is focused on expanding our client outreach and building new innovative products to create a communications and educational link between our clients and their stakeholders. 

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