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SendIt Can Boost Your School's Social Media Presence: Here's How

Posted by Elizabeth Randolph on May 22, 2019 11:53:00 AM

Social media marketing has proven to be an innovative way to grow a company or brand. Many schools have seen social media help improve their student body by increasing communication between the school and its community. The key to maintaining an effective social media plan is to stay consistent. To do this, you may want something that can send out alerts across all of your social media channels. With SendIt, you are able to do just that. We have made it easier to send out notifications through email, text and social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Using SendIt for Facebook

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When setting up the Facebook channel, you must be an admin for that account. The system will prompt you to Continue as SCHOOL NAME. Click Continue as, select which pages you would like to connect with and then click Next. Select what SchoolPointe is allowed to do then click Done. You will now be linked to Facebook.

Using SendIt for Twitter

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When setting up the Twitter channel, you must be an admin for that account. If you are already logged into Twitter, click on your icon in the top right corner to make sure you are logging in under the correct account. Then click Authorize App.


Using SendIt for both major social media channels can encourage more members of your community to keep up with your school. It can also put your school  on the radar for future for future students and staff. Currently, we are offering SchoolPointe customers a FREE trial of SendIt until July 1, 2019. If you would like to learn more, check out SendIt’s website.

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