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SchoolPointe’s Year in Review

Posted by Elizabeth Randolph on Dec 31, 2018 9:59:38 AM

The new year means a time to reflect on what was done and what could be improved. At SchoolPointe, we are more than excited to see what 2019 brings. We are so proud of what we’ve done in this year and have listened to what can be improved in the months to come.




This year, we introduced FacilityPointe, a cloud-based facilities management system. FacilityPointe is now installed in all of our websites and is powerful, yet cost-effective. The tool allows you to manage critical and complex tasks in your district. It can become a great help when you need requests for transportation or when you need to receive certain alerts at different times. It acts as a one-stop for all of your school’s breaking news and allows them to be accessed at a time that is organized by your website’s admin. In 2019, we want to continue to support you in getting the most from FacilityPointe. To do this, we have training and support available.


Our Websites



year websites-1

We have worked with so many new schools this year who was needing a change to their website. Not only did we create a website for these schools, but we also worked with these schools on their sites. The schools we worked with expressed their design goals and played a huge role in making them possible. They also were helped with the entire process by our customer support team. In 2019, we will make you feel more comfortable than ever with their new website and will offer continuous support from our sales and support team.

What’s next?

In the new year, we will be adding new features to further assist you and your website’s needs. We are working on a mass notification feature that will make your website more accessible to readers of you website. The feature will keep your website organized and fully equipped without anyone manually doing the work. We cannot wait to add more details about this feature in the new year.

We would once again like to thank you, our customers. You have helped us to grow in many ways and we appreciate you for continuing to do business with us in 2019. Have a safe and amazing new year!

About SchoolPointe

Since 2002, SchoolPointe has been providing world class technology solutions to the PK-12 industry. With headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, SchoolPointe possesses an extensive clientele and partners with school districts across the United States. In line with its corporate mission of “Empowering Through Innovation”, SchoolPointe is committed to developing cost effective solutions on the cutting edge of technology that schools require to keep up with their growing technology needs. SchoolPointe is focused on expanding our client outreach and building new innovative products to create a communications and educational link between our clients and their stakeholders. 

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