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How you can make sure your student is making healthy eating choices

Posted by Elizabeth Randolph on Dec 20, 2018 8:00:00 AM

lunch pic   A recent article from The New York Times reported that the Trump Administration will roll back on Obama-era standards for school lunches. The decision will add more leniency to the current requirements by adding on low-fat milk to the non-fat milk standard, as well as it won’t be as strict with the sodium intake in the meals. With less restrictions on school lunches coming soon, it can make providing your child with healthy eating habits even more difficult. To combat this, here are some ways you can find the right food for your child’s lunch in the future.


 The most effective way to ignore the changes in your school’s lunch standards is to pack your children’s lunches. By sending your child to school with a packed lunch, you are controlling the ingredients your child consumes. If you are tracking their sodium, buying items that are filled with sodium-free or low sodium will be a great option for your child’s needs. Packing lunch with your child will also be a way for them to choose what they want to eat and get them excited about healthy eating habits.

Special requests

  Many schools offer special requests for students who have certain food allergies or restrictions to their diet. To ensure that your child is receiving the proper nutrients they need, speaking to your school’s officials expressing these concerns could be helpful. This can be from requiring your child’s milk is nonfat only, as that is the healthiest option for them.

Reviewing or controlling your child’s lunch menu

    As you begin to see changes in what your school offers in the future, reviewing your school’s menu beforehand can help you determine when or if you need make alterations to your child’s lunch will be the best option. You could also go a step further and take control of your child’s menu. This can be by changing what is offered and ensuring that the healthy options are put into the forefront. This can be by suggesting certain theme days to your menus like vegetarian.

   Taking small steps in reviewing your child’s diet will ensure that you can take control of their eating habits even if the menu options shift. Once you discover creative ways to watch your child’s intake, you won’t feel as inclined to depend on your school’s new or existing regulations.

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