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How Webinars Can Work For Schools

Posted by Elizabeth Randolph on Jul 3, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Video marketing is on the rise and can be a great way for schools to brand themselves outside of their district. Many schools are taking advantage of their resources to not only educate their community but to reach more people with similar problems, through the help of social media and video streaming. 

Your school may be able to benefit from using video to further market its brand. One way to do this is through webinars. Webinars are a great way to show what your school has to offer, while also being interactive. Here are some ways your school’s marketing team can use webinars to further promote your district. 


Open House

Open houses are a great way to share your school with new and potential members of your community. They are also perfect for establishing your school’s brand and making a lasting impression. Instead of having a live, in-person open house, you can utilize your webinar to get more people into your school’s doors. One way to do this would be to record school professionals who will share their experiences with working at your school. You can also use the webinars to stream live for alumni to participate in during the open house. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Many schools have opportunities to answer important questions their community has. Whether it’s about changes for the school year or finding out what the school closing policy is, many students, parents, etc. will have questions that only the staff can answer. Rather than directing these questions to your website, your staff can participate in weekly or monthly webinars where they answer frequently asked questions to their participants. This can be achieved by having a survey for members of your community to submit and share what questions they’ve always wanted to ask. The presenter will then answer them in an interactive way. You could also do a live webinar where your community can chime in with various questions that you can answer and then store on your website. 


Market Your School’s Uniqueness 

What makes your school stand out against the other districts in your community? Have you consistently won awards for your school’s test scores or attendance records? Sharing some of the things your seasoned staff has learned along the way can provide some insight into what makes your school the one to watch. You can also use these webinars as a marketing tool for new students to come to your school. 



Webinars are a great way to break the barrier between your officials and your community. It can also be the way that you can get your school’s name out to potential members of your community. SchoolPointe has used a plethora of webinars to engage with and to inform our customers. If you would like to know how you can market a potential webinar through your website, ask a member of our customer support team. 


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