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How To Utilize Your Website During The Summer

Posted by Elizabeth Randolph on Jun 12, 2019 11:40:33 AM

Summertime is finally here! For many schools, the beginning of summer means the beginning of relaxation, vacation and not worrying about anything until school starts back in the fall. While this is certainly necessary to do, many school professionals would consider this season just as or even more hectic than during the school year. Many professionals from teachers, faculty members, specialized instructional support personnel, and education support professionals spend most of their summer planning ahead for fall. Many schools also have maintenance staff that works almost 10-hour days to make sure schools are still in great condition during summer school and when school opens back up for the new year. As a SchoolPointe partner, there are a plethora of ways that you can stay up-to-date with your administrative and maintenance tasks throughout the summer.


Using Formality

By using Formality, staff and administrators can keep their community afloat with online forms. With the unlimited submissions features, users can create forms for tasks such as cleaning, signing in and out of their tasks and to answer surveys regarding the functionality of your school and how the staff can improve. This will avoid important documents to get lost during the summer and will give your community an opportunity to express their opinions in an effective way.



Using FacilityPointe

For maintenance issues, FacilityPointe will help to facilitate the day-to-day cleaning tasks to your maintenance staff. The feature is a cost-effective asset management tool that allows you to manage the smallest to the most critical and complex tasks within your district. Through FacilityPointe’s ticketing system, you can create online work orders and systems to share with your maintenance team. The feature also allows you to appoint certain members to have access to creating the reports and tickets, which will help your staff receive the correct messaging.

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Using Social Media

If your school fell short on utilizing your social media platforms during the school year, summer break can be the perfect time for a fresh start. Social media is a great way to craft or reinforce your school’s brand across all channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. In addition to analyzing your current social media presence, you can also take advantage of our social media tools that help provides multiple integration points where staff, faculty, parents, students and community members can easily push information out. Our new notification tool SendIt can also help schools with multiple channels share information with just one click.



While summer is a time to unwind, it should also be a time to plan ahead. By using SchoolPointe’s various tools, your school will be months ahead of any competing districts and you will help to maintain or change your school’s brand. If you need any assistance on utilizing these tools, chat with our training and support team here.

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