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How To Live Stream School Videos

Posted by Elizabeth Randolph on Mar 7, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Live streaming is not only for recreational or commercial purposes anymore. These days, more and more schools are going live to show events in real time. Doing this allows your community to stay connected with what’s happening at your schools and eliminates chances of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) As technology continues to grow, there are more opportunities and options for the perfect live-streamed video.

What Makes a good live video?

A good live video captures something was anticipated among a large number of your following. If you aren’t creating videos that capture a moment members of your community misses, they are less inclined to look at the video or share it with others. The following school events create the best footage for your videos:

  • Sporting Events

  • Graduations and Additional Ceremonies

  • Plays and Concerts

  • Assemblies

  • Pep Rallies

  • Dances and Proms

Using these events creates a live time capsule and will be meaningful to parents and other family members who want to join in on the experience. It could also be a great way for your schools’ alumni to remain connected with their community or even town if they’ve moved away. Using live streaming to highlight students, teachers and other members of staff is a great way to increase your school or district’s visibility.


While the idea of live-streaming is a great way to further grow your school’s brand and mission, it can seem daunting on how to actually produce your videos. Live streamed videos that are produced poorly will ruin the purpose of your video and can cause viewers to switch to another stream. The following tools can be used to create stunning live videos:

Smart Phones- These are the most simple way to create high-quality videos. Teachers and staff typically have an iPhone or Android with a quality camera that captures your event the moment it happens. Also, if you have a branded mobile app from SchoolPointe, you will be able to save the video and put it onto your app for your community to enjoy.

Webcams- Simple webcams are easy to transport and can be clicked onto a tripod for even more accessibility. They are best used for concerts or student/teacher spotlights, as they lack zoom and focus features. This could cause a problem for events where there could be an increased number of sudden movements.

HDMI Cameras- While these can be pricey (the cheapest HDMI camera ranges between $300-350) Using an HDMI camera is a great option for taking your schools’ videos to the next level. With an additional capture card, you are able to have live streamed content that tells a story in a visually appealing way, while having access to manual control features that simply can’t be achieved with the previous options.


Whether you decide to use phones or cameras, the person in charge of live streaming videos should be trained on how to create them. This can range from knowing how to record on your chosen platform to them having knowledge on how to use the live stream service you eventually choose. Create a small group of staff and even tech-savvy students to be in charge of live streaming events and hold them responsible for the equipment. This way, you are protecting your investment by not giving everyone in your school access to your sound or video tools.

Where to live stream

Once you’ve decided how you will produce your videos, the next step is to find a home for them. With live videos, you can have multiple platforms to showcase to your community for free.

Google Hangouts- The traditional Google Hangouts allows you to stream videos to up to 15 participants. If you’re searching for more than that, however, Google offers Hangouts On Air. HOA allows you to share your video with everyone, and it also gives you the option to share it on YouTube.

Facebook Live- Sharing your videos on Facebook Live is a perfect way to connect with parents and other family members. The tool allows you to easily and directly stream videos from your schools’ profile.

Instagram Live- Very similar to its predecessor Facebook, Instagram Live is another way to easily share videos from your Instagram Page. This would be perfect for events like pep rallies, where streaming with a smartphone will capture the moment the best.

YouTube- If your school has more than 1,000 subscribers, you can stream videos on the service straight from your phone.


Live streaming can be another powerful way to connect with your schools’ community across digital platforms. If live streaming seems like something you would be willing to try out, it’s best to plan and promote your content before you post. You can do so by promoting the live stream across your social media feeds before it takes place. Using SchoolPointe’s live feed can also help you promote your video, as members of your community will see the alert through their mobile app or website and will most likely be ready to stream the video when it comes.

If you haven’t added a social media feed to your website or a mobile app, find out more information here.

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