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How To Find Inspiration For Newsletters

Posted by Elizabeth Randolph on May 15, 2019 11:45:00 AM

Communication is the key to forming longstanding relationships between you and your community. One way to increase communication is by updating your audience on a weekly or monthly basis. This can be done by creating newsletters for your school. Newsletters provide current changes or events happening in your school to better inform your community. SchoolPointe currently offers newsletter intergration for all of our websites and makes it easy to send out newsletters as frequently as possible. While sending newsletters can be simple, finding the inspiration for how exactly to structure your website can be the difficult task. Here are some ways you can find the perfect structure for your upcoming newsletters.

Know What Content To Use

Think of the newsletters you currently subscribe to. What keeps you coming back to them on a frequent basis? Most of the time, the content shared on a newsletter is what drives an audience to continue to subscribe to them. The content you create for your newsletter can be similar to what you already have on your website or can be something exclusively for them. You can also highlight a “student or teacher of the month” to your website to familiarize your community with the people making positive changes to your school. Your content can also feature alumni and current student resources or events happening within your district. Whatever content you decide, though, ensure that it is worth reading and targets your audience effectively and are updating your audience on a consistent basis.

Determine Your Newsletter’s Frequency

SchoolPointe’s newsletter tools allows our clients to create newsletters on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Knowing how often you want to send out a newsletter is to the discretion of your communications or public relations team. If your school constantly has an event or is in the media, having a daily or weekly newsletter could be best for your school. This way, you are spreading out the information without feeling overwhelmed with too much news at the beginning or end of the month. However, if you want to check in with your community on a not so frequent basis, setting up a monthly newsletter would be more ideal. This way, all of the amazing work your school has done can be reflected on for your community. You can also share future events for the month that your audience may miss on your calendar.

See What The Competition Is Doing

Many schools are beginning to use newsletters as another marketing or communications tool for their establishment. Find multiple schools that currently have newsletters and see what is working for them, what they’re highlighting and how frequently they’re doing it. Seeking inspiration from edcuation technology websites like SchoolPointe will also help to determine how you would like to build your newsletter and what content you would like to create within it.

Develop A Plan

Whether your school has one person working on their newsletter or have implemented a team, developing a strategic plan is essential for your newsletter’s growth. One way to do this would be to develop an editorial calendar for your newsletter weeks before it actually gets sent out. This way, you will have a detailed timeline on when pictures, events, or other content needs to be added in to inform your audience in a timely manner. The editorial calendar can also be used to determine what can and shouldn’t be added to your newsletter, as your team will have time to discuss the content and design before it debuts.


Newsletters are a great engagement tool to have with your audience. Whether you currently have one or are just starting out, finding a strong plan is an important step to a successful newsletter. The content you decide to share should also be attention-grabbing and relevant to your school and its community. If you need assistance setting up your newsletter tool, SchoolPointe is here to help. Check out our latest webinar on setting up newsletters for your website below:

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