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How to alert your school of inclement weather

Posted by Elizabeth Randolph on Jan 24, 2019 9:03:27 AM

As the winter weather brings in more snowstorms and freezing temperatures, your school may have more delays and closings than normal. When you need to close your school due to inclement weather, the main priority should be your students and parents having instant communication to ensure they know if they need to report to school. Through your website, you can utilize multiple features that allow you to communicate efficiently and let your community know it’s safe to stay warm with hot cocoa for the day.

Scrolling Emergency Announcements

   Through your website and mobile app, you can send out instant alerts to parents, students, and anyone else who views your site. Both your website and your app offers scrolling emergency announcements that can be updated in real-time. These announcements will be instantly sent to your app subscribers and inform them of what is happening within your school, whether it is a delay or closing.

Email Alerts and Text Notifications

    Another way to alert your school’s community of closings or delays is email alerts and text notifications. Through email and text, users see what their school’s status is before leaving their home.Our e-communication tool provides you with push notifications within the mobile app allows each user to receive alerts as soon as it’s updated on your website and mobile app. This is perfect for users who prefer to check their phones and emails before they view your website.

Social Media    

   Social media can be a great tool to increase communication with your school’s community. Many of your students, staff, and parents follow your school’s social media accounts. This provides them with instant news on their timelines and feeds. By utilizing social media for school, you have more opportunities to share important information for your school to share with their followers. An example of this is when a school is closed, but someone who doesn’t follow your school on social media isn’t made aware of it. Through social media, the parents or students who are followers can show them and keep them updated on recent news.

Each of these tools will provide you with the communication needed between you and the school’s community. By allowing your school to see if they need to come in or if there will be a delay, you are ensuring that they are safe and free of the risk of leaving their homes in inclement weather. All of these tools come with your website, providing a one-stop shop of information and alerts all year round. If you have any questions on how to use your tools effectively, we at SchoolPointe are always available and can be used as a resource.

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