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Getting More from your school's social media in 2019

Posted by Elizabeth Randolph on Dec 27, 2018 9:14:47 AM


Social-Media-ToolsWhile many schools have social media accounts, it can be difficult to know if you’re taking full advantage of your platforms online. Both parents and students are beginning to look to social media for live updates regarding their school. Schools need to have more than existing social media accounts to be successful; there also has to be current and interactive for its audience.

    Build a following

    If you have recently gotten your school acclimated to social media, one goal for 2019 could be to build a following for your school. This can be by researching your metrics and finding out what your target audience is interested in. What are the relevant trends surrounding your school? What information does your community need to know daily or weekly? If you’re unsure of the answer to these questions right away, consulting with your marketing or communications team will be a great option. Your team can develop a social media strategy that spans months ahead in order to achieve consistent content. Creating your social media content around those factors will result in updating your social media feeds on a more consistent basis.

Developing good content

    Once you have developed a strong social media strategy, the next step is to create enjoyable content relevant to your audience. Your content needs to match the voice of your brand and be consistent in every post you create. If your brand is informative and efficient, your content must be reflective of that. While each social media platform should have a common theme, you should have a different tone on each platform. You can achieve this by viewing how a competitive school or website handles their social media across each network. This will encourage you to not repeat content in the exact same way.

Using online tools for effective social media

    As a website powered by SchoolPointe, your site is ADA compliant. This means that your website is accessible to everyone who views it. An ADA compliant website must have social media content that is just as cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. To better manage your social media, planning your content ahead is a great tool to use. You can do this through platforms like Hubspot and Hootsuite to ensure your content looks the same throughout. These online tools are free to use and have helpful articles to help you navigate each feature.

Dealing with private messages

   You may also find direct or private messages on your school’s accounts from parents or other community members. These messages can be directly regarding a question about your school or could be malicious in some way. Social media networks allow businesses to interact with customers to directly speak to them via the platform’s direct messaging tool, which can make the relationship between your audience and you personable. While this can be a great way to build a rapport with your community, it can also cause confusion if you have multiple admins on your page. To combat this, making sure your page admins know the voice of your brand through all messages will avoid any confusion from your audience. You can also refer your audience to your support team through your school’s website.

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