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5 Steps to finding the perfect website design

Posted by Elizabeth Randolph on Feb 11, 2019 10:31:57 AM

When choosing a design for your school’s website, it is important to be proactive about how you want your website to look. While you will have someone working on your website for you, having creative control over how your website is displayed will ensure you get the right messages across to your school’s community and potential students. The path to finding inspiration for your website can be done in these five steps:

  1. Research Your Competitors

  Before even contacting website developing or CMS companies, it is best to have something to compare your website to. This can easily be achieved by finding other websites that fit the aesthetics of your site. How does your competition display its social media feeds? How do you want your website’s content to be displayed? By researching other websites and designs beforehand, you can share your ideas with your website builder, making the process simpler for everyone.

      2. Know The Purpose Of Your Website


    While research is important when considering the look of your website, finding the “why” for your website is also something to focus on before taking the steps to build it. If your school’s website is a place for instant information for your community, your website should reflect this. All of the content you decide to produce on your site should also fit the purpose of the website. If you find yourself stuck on your website’s purpose, think about what makes your school stand out from competing schools. Also, consider your audience and how they would benefit from coming to your website.

       3. Look At Websites and Apps That Visually Inspire You

        Think about the websites you scroll through every day during your free time. What about these sites make you want to continue to come to them for information. Is it the functionality? Is it the content? Or is it the constant updates the app or website makes? Whatever the reason is, you want your audience to feel the same way when they come to your website. Search through each website and discover what it is that makes them stand out and see how your website can have similar functions.

4. Find Inspiration On Social Media

     Social media is an instant source of information for almost any interest you have. If you are someone who receives inspiration online, apps like Instagram and Pinterest are an excellent source for finding the website you want. On both apps, you can create boards filled with colors, text, images, etc. that you want to add on to your site. You can also share these ideas virtually with your development team.

5. Meet With Multiple Companies and See Their Portfolios

    Once you have found the perfect look for your site, the next step is finding a company that will be able to execute your vision. To discover the perfect fit for you and your school, you should have multiple companies in mind. These companies can be found from your own research or word-of-mouth. After narrowing down your top choices, check out the previous work they’ve done and ask yourself: “Does this fit my goals for my school?” If the answer is no for any of your choices, you can easily choose which one is the best fit, and ensure they meet every other need you may have (budget, timelines, etc).

      Your school’s website is a direct extension of your school, and you should work with a company that strives to find the perfect look for you. SchoolPointe’s custom templates allow you to choose the colors, text, and overall design of your school from start to finish. To learn more, contact us on how to get started.

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