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5 steps to bring parents to your website

Posted by Elizabeth Randolph on Jan 15, 2019 8:00:00 AM

A recent article from Education Week explains that parents consider a school’s website when choosing the proper schools for their child. A school’s website design can affect the school’s reputation before the potential parents and students make it through their first tour. If you were to look at your current website, is it a tool to bring new students in? If not, you want to create a stunning website. Doing this brings both parents and students to your school. It will also t keep you as the only selection in your district.

  1. Create a website with all users in mind

   A successful website must be easy to navigate for anyone who comes to your site.  This can range from people who are tech-savvy to people who face challenges with understanding technology. You need to keep every type of user in mind to make sure your website will be clear, concise, and manageable. One way to ensure your website is easy to navigate is by testing it multiple times. In addition to you testing it, you can conduct focus groups of people of different age groups and backgrounds. The groups can each test out the website and answer questions on how easy or difficult the website is. The results of this study can help you see what changes you possibly need to make for everyone to easily enjoy your website’s content.

      2. Making your website visually appealing

         An accessible website is amazing, but to keep your audience engaged, your website needs to be aesthetically appealing. To have an appealing website, paying attention to colors, text, photos, and links to any other visual aspects can be what separates your website from your competition. Your website should also be representative of what your school is and what it’s known for. Use your website as a highlight reel of all of the accomplishments your school has had thus far. You can also use your website’s homepage to show your school’s extracurricular activities or any news coverage you may have.

3. Have a website with organized information

     Parents who view a website typically have ideas of what they are looking for. Parents who are looking for alerts or announcements don’t want to spend a long amount of time looking for the information either. Your website should have the most important information on the homepage. Your homepage is your website’s first impression and tells as much about your website as possible.

4. SEO Compliant content

      While a stunning website is a key factor in attracting parents to your school, the content you produce on that website is just as important. Content that includes rich keywords, tags, links etc. can bring your website to the top of search engines and beat your competition. A great way to ensure your website is SEO compliant is by having someone behind the scenes of your site study it. They can research keywords, phrases, and even media that can make your website show up on the front page of any search engine.

5.  Dedicate specific pages to parents and students

      Due to smartphones and tablets being at the disposal of parents and students, creating your website with both in mind is the best way to connect to your target audience. Pages that cater to both parents and students will keep both targets involved with the website and want to keep informed. Finding content for your audience can involve researching your audience and finding what they enjoy and how you can move that into your website. Being able to cater to your audience will allow them to feel like their needs are being met and you have them in mind as a school.


          Your school’s website can be a great marketing tool when displayed correctly. No matter who designs it, you need to make sure they have your school’s message and aesthetic in mind. If you would like to see how SchoolPointe can further help you and your website, request a demo with us.


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