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3 Types of Content your Website Needs

Posted by Elizabeth Randolph on Mar 22, 2019 10:00:00 AM

While a stunning design will attract your school’s audience initially, the content you create for the website will keep them coming back. Your website can do much more than serving as a directory hub for students, parents and many others in your school’s community. The web content on your site can also be used as a way to engage with your audience and increase more traffic at your school.


First, what do you need?

Even though there are new, innovative ways to create content on your website, if your site doesn’t have these basic features, the rest of the information in this post will be moot. Web hosts like SchoolPointe work with their clients to create the following key informational features for your website:

  • Contact information

  • Staff directories

  • District calendars

  • School calendars

  • Teacher web pages

  • Links to LMS and SIS

  • Lunch menu

  • Parent resources

  • Athletics schedules

  • Important forms (permissions and sign-ups)

  • Registration info

These features are typically the motivation for your audience to come to your website. It’s important to note that this information should ALWAYS be updated in order for your audience to keep coming back to you. In addition to these features, your website should also have opportunities for educational philosophy and interaction, as well as documents and e-newsletters, which we at SchoolPointe assist our customers with.

Now, the steps

  1. Human Interest Pieces

Many members of your school’s community want to see themselves on your website. Providing fun, personal photos on your website shows what your school is about and attract more parents who want to keep up with their child’s activities. You can also use photos, newsletters, blogs or even social media to tell stories that your school’s audience will enjoy. What was the inspiration for your school’s latest play or musical? What will your school’s senior class miss the most? Your photo stories will answer these questions that may cross your audience’s mind. Human Interest content can also fall under the following categories:

  • Achievements and milestones (both staff and student)

  • Behind the scenes (team practices, play rehearsals

  • Staff and student spotlights

  • Parent-student interactions

  • Retro news and imagery (think Throwback Thursday)

  • Alumni updates

    mahs cheer tryout flyer 2019-2020

2. News and Events

 As we discussed earlier, your website is your community’s primary resource for information pertaining to your district or school. Utilizing your school’s calendar or schedules to highlight the important events is a great way to keep your audience engaged and coming back. Using your calendar tool, you can go into more detail in your event list. An example of this is adding the championship football tournament on your school’s calendar and then using an e-newsletter or blog to go more in-depth of why this is a big event for your school.

3. Find Inspiration from other sources

If you find yourself lacking ideas as you start creating more content to your site, seeing what other schools do on their website and applying it to your content is a great step to finding information. NSPRA and PTO offer great tools to help schools navigate their content needs. You can also curate content based on the following general themes:

  • Statistics about your school staff or students

  • News or stats about education in general

  • Links to parent resources

  • Inspiring quotes

  • Homework tips


Resting on your school’s stunning, responsive website design isn’t enough to keep your audience engaged. You also need to take initiative in the content you display, make sure it’s constantly updated and ensure it tells your school’s story. These steps will keep you and your team inspired to share more information with your community in a creative way.

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