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3 Steps To Building Your School's Brand Through Your Website

Posted by Elizabeth Randolph on Aug 28, 2019 4:00:00 PM

For schools, the longevity, location and word-of-mouth reviews can be what makes a school stand out over its competition. But while some school districts have location and reputation on its side, some areas have multiple districts for parents and/or guardians to choose from, and they may or may not select yours. Before a potential member of your school’s community even decides what they would like to do, however, using digital marketing efforts can turn potential students into confirmed ones. This can be done with multiple tools within your SchoolPointe CMS. 

1. Find individuals that can help to find the school’s brand

   Who is in charge of promoting messages on behalf of your school? Whether you have a team in-house or considering hiring someone, having someone who can identify your school’s brand can be what you need to settle on the messages you want to parlay to potential members of your community. The following roles should be a part of your school’s branding team:

  • Superintendent
  • Principal
  • Communication Lead
  • Marketing and Public Relations professionals
  • Technology director (if possible)

Having these positions in place can provide unique viewpoints about where your school’s brand needs to go. It can also be what determines the correct content that will go on your website to represent your school’s message. If you are having trouble organizing the roles of your branding page, your Teacher Webpages can be what helps you to organize your information. 

2. Define your school’s brand

Once you assemble a team to help your school’s brand, the next step would be to define what your school’s brand actually is. What makes your school different from the rest of your possible competition? What will make parents choose your school over any other potential schools? By finding what your school is all about, you are able to answer these questions in a seamless way. 

Through your CMS, you can also use these tools to enhance the core focus of your brand’s message. The following factors are important to keep in mind:


Reputation – Your school’s reputation, both virtual and through word-of-mouth, is extremely important to your school’s brand. While marketing to new members of your school’s community, a great way to see where your reputation lies is through conducting surveys from your current community. Through Formality, you can send out surveys to members who already are on your school’s mailing list to see what areas you may need to work on before redefining your school’s brand altogether. 


Audience- Knowing where your audience gets their information from is essential. If majority of your audience gets their information from your website, the announcements, events and deadlines should be on the homepage so your community knows what to expect.

3. Create your school’s brand identity


   Now that you know what messages you want to convey, creating your school’s message in a visual way can be what brings your school’s brand together. If your current design elements for your website, social media and/or other promotional material doesn’t align with your current brand, switching to something that is more representative of where your school stands today may be more beneficial. If you do want to change how your branding looks, these key essentials will be what you should consider changing:


  • Logo(s) – Your district, school and ancillary logos that are part of a larger family of logos are the very core of your branding charge. Be diligent and critical in getting this part right.
  • Invest – There isn’t a branding firm that will turn away your business, but many are cost prohibitive for many schools. Invest in quality, but invest wisely and insist on getting cost estimates up front.
  • Specialize – It’s a good idea to work with a designer focused on schools, but watch out for overused, mediocre designs. At SchoolPointe, our design team works to create a custom design that will make your school stand out over its competition. 



Your school’s brand represents what you are about before anyone even schedules a tour. By having a strong brand message set in place, you are preparing your school for a plethora of potential students from all over. If you need any assistance with how you can implement your school’s branding through your website can help, contact a member of our support team today!


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